Construction Management
Construction Management is the effort of providing organization and structure to a process tocomplete a specific project from inception to completion. Whether the project lasts 7 days or 7 years, The Jon Smith Group can provide the expertise to guide the process while controlling scope, schedule, and budget. In the Construction Management role The Jon Smith Group takes on the managerial, administrative, and performance responsibility for the project. We have done work for general contractors as a subcontractor, direct for property owners and managers, and as a tier 2 and 3 subcontractor for other subcontractors Working as an integral member of the team, The Jon Smith Group can complete items such as estimating, scheduling, site management, progress measurement, progress billing, design review and coordination, cost studies, and proposal preparation.

Safety Management
Safety Management and Safety Professionals can make or break a commercial contractor. High insurance premiums, regular insurance claims, employee endangerment, and a bad reputation can all hit your “bottom line.” The Jon Smith Group maintains OSHA 500 trained safety professionals that have a wealth of applicable knowledge as it pertains to construction means and methods. Any safety professional can keep people safe, but we have the exceptional knowledge and skillset to keep everyone safe AND maintain the daily productivity required to be a profitable business. As a firm believer in a safe culture, we evaluate projects in the preconstruction phase and throughout the closeout of a project as a lessons learned exercise.

Logistics Support
In some scenarios, performing the scope of work you’re contracted to do is easy…its accessing the area where this work is to be performed that’s hard! The Jon Smith Group has been accessing and developing strategies to work in challenging and high security environments for years. Our logistics support services range from material and equipment delivery, to dumpster placement and debris removal, to providing trucks, trailers, storage, and support staff to make it all happen. Interchanging any of these activities, along with the best strategies and practices to achieve your project goals is what we do on a daily basis. Whether it is during preconstruction or an issue arises during construction, we are ready to dive in a find a solution.

Providing rough and trim carpentry is done by the skilled tradesmen of The Jon Smith Group. As rough carpenters, we provide all wood carpentry work that doesn’t require a neat finish as it will be covered up by walls or other items. Structural carpentry is the most common type of rough carpentry that we encounter, and the carpenters at JSG are very skilled in quickly erecting the structural components of a building, window framing, door framing, door installation and beams and posts. As finish carpenters, our work is visible once a building has been completed, and as such, our finish carpenters work to a high level of detail.Performing high paced, high volume windows, doors, and trim work is a forte for The Jon Smith Group team.



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