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The Jon Smith Group is a collaborative effort with DLS & Associates and Nathan Bacford Management.

Established in 2012, The Jon Smith Group began as a construction consulting firm. In a world where technology is at the forefront of communication and management, The Jon Smith Group (JSG) brought apersonal touch to Client Management. It was JSG’s intimate involvement that took the Contractor/Client relationship to the highest level of efficiency.As a Client Manager, The Jon Smith Group was the intermediary between owner expectations and contractor production. In many scenarios the interactions between owner and contractor were made more production driven when The Jon Smith Group was employed to create a more proactive approach to the business venture. By delving into the owner’s ultimate needs, and methods of doing business, The Jon Smith Group helped contractors to navigate through the nuances of public and private contractual relationships while helping the client to anticipate and understand the contractors’ processes. The personal manner in which JSG handles these situations creates long-term relationships, quality products, and an overall seamless business transaction. By educating their clients about specific products and services, JSG was a guide and advocate in every business interaction.

After a few months in the market as a consultant, The Jon Smith Group began to evolve in to a Construction Support Services Contractor. Bringing on board the technical administrative and operations staff, JSG began to offer Construction Management, Safety Management, logistics support, misc. Labor staff, and skilled tradesmen. With this staff, JSG has performed scopes ranging from $100k – approx. $10 million dollars, and provided construction management services from projects in excess of $100 million dollars.

As a company, we have mastered the essential tasks that assure business success: aspiration setting, team building, relationship strategies, client leadership, ambassadorship, and quality assurance.Knowing the intricacies of business economics and how much they are affected by the value of strong relationships, we look to provide that level of comfort and effectiveness in every project we are involved in.



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